Wednesday, September 28, 2011

It's nearly October...

      This summer flew by. I spent most of August and all of September working excessive hours at the restaurant. I started working in the kitchen and earned myself a few stupid injuries, the worst of which were a splatter burn from the fryer and a generous chunk currently missing from my right thumb from an accident with a mandolin (the kitchen tool, not the instrument).
      I shot a couple hundred photos on an antiquing adventure up in Maine a few weeks ago and it felt great. I need to update my website's "Miscellaneous" gallery with some of the better ones.
      It was upsetting at the beginning of the month watching all the new students arrive at the Institute. The restaurant sits pretty much in the center of the "campus" so I watched people moving between the school buildings, their dorms, and the new, makeshift dining hall in the shopping plaza across the way. It made me wish for a week or two that I could be right back there, taking classes and absorbing more information, but at the same time I'm glad to be out. I keep imagining what it would be like to go back and start all over again, especially with the knowledge I have now. In retrospect, there's a lot I would change, but I can't waste time daydreaming about something like that.
      My Mom, Aunt and Uncle are working on selling my Grandpa's house in Andover. I was recruited back in July to photograph his home for real estate purposes. The pictures were posted online and in several area newspapers, and they've had an open house and everything since then, but they haven't had any bites. It's an out-dated house though, and I suspect the much newer, much larger houses in the development behind it may have something to do with it's lessened curb-appeal.

      I hope for my family's sake the place sells soon. As depressing are the circumstances that lead us all to this position, it's such a burden to everyone, especially the maintenance required to keep the house in tip-top shape should any potential buyers come through. 

Just a few more shots from the last couple of months..

Michael feeding a cow behind Beans & Greens farm stand in Gilford, NH.

 An antique native statue in front of Barnard's Tavern-turned (closed) antique shop in Kennebunk, ME.

The Johnson Hall Museum, or should I say a hoarder's wonder emporium, in Wells, ME.

      Yankee Magazine did an article on Bill Johnson, the man who owns this bizarre place, in their September issue. My friend and I hadn't known about it before stumbling across it on our adventure, and we surely won't forget it anytime soon.

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