Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Dear rain,
    It's four days into October, my favorite month, and it has yet to stop raining. I want to be outdoors on my days off, taking walks, picking apples, going to the fair, and taking so many photos that my batteries die and I run out of film. The brook that runs through my yard looks like rapids, and having skylights on the house make the rain seem that much louder. I happened to be awake for a few minutes around 6 am and heard some very impressive thunder, but I've had enough. Rain: stop it. I have plans to go to the Topsfield Fair tomorrow and you. will. not. mess. it. up.
    Thank you.

    In other news, I needed to go up to work yesterday to pick up a blank check for some supplies for a project they're having me do at home. Afterward, I roamed around my college campus for a while. I picked up a ticket for the upcoming John Sexton lecture in November (!) and went down to the photo labs to talk to my professors. Being down there, and smelling the chemicals from the dark room made me nostalgic. I told Bev and Gary what I've been up to, and how I'm planning to re-vamp the project I started last fall. Bev seemed optimistic which gave me a boost of confidence to really get myself back into it. I loved the project when I first started it but time would not have allowed for me to finish it during school. Now if only the damn rain would stop...

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